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2022 Schedule

USA Softball Sanctioning/Registrations
Run Sept 1 - Aug 31


2022 USA Softball Team Sanction

All Teams must be sanctioned with USA Softball for 2022

2022 Team Sanction
Team Name
Age Group

Entering Tournaments 

**Teams do NOT have to have insurance through USA Softball to participate
*Teams must enter tournaments at

*Teams Do Not have to be Paid, Sanctioned or Insured to Enter tournaments. This just has to be done before playing or deadlines

With enough teams, each division will also have Gold & Silver Brackets

*Teams that consistently exceed at the B/C level may be required to move up
   in certain instances and will be at the discretion of TDs and discussed
   beforehand with coaches.

*Teams that play in an Open/A division tournament CAN drop back down to B/C



** PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE - DO NOT  ADD YOUR TEAM ON REGISTERUSASOFTBALL - That website is for insurance and background checks..  Read the steps below!!

Welcome to the New Roster System.

The system is broken into 3 areas to help you manage your Players and Rosters through the season.


The main area is called the Player List.

The Player List is the area where you keep track of the players for your team. You may have up to 20 players in your player list.
The Player List is NOT your roster, it is just a list of players that may be on one of your rosters at some time during your season.

You MUST submit your player list to the tournament director for each tournament

If you have previously registered your players through RegisterUSA, then you will need to import your player list from RegisterUSA into TournamentUSA.
Note: If you did not use RegisterUSA to process your registration, please do not use the below feature. Instead, use the manual entry process for non-RegisterUSA Players on the previous screen.

To import your player list you will need your RegisterUSA TeamID and the Team Administrator's date of birth.

To get your Team ID from RegisterUSA:
1. Login to
2. Click on the My Teams button on the homepage.
3. In the My Teams grid click on the appropriate Team Name.
4. The Team ID will be listed on the Team page that follows.

Only players that are Approved may be imported from RegisterUSA, pending players will NOT be imported.

Once your player list is imported you will be able to manage it for tournaments in TournamentUSA. If you update or make any changes to your players in RegisterUSA you will need to have TournamentUSA check and re-import for those updates.

If you have a player that is not on your RegisterUSA player list, such a a pick-up player, you may add them to your player list by selecting the 'Add a Non-RegisterUSA Player to Player List' button. This will allow you to select a player from the TournamentUSA player database or add a player to the database if she is not available.


Below the Player List is the Reserve Player List.

The Reserve Player List is where you can move players from your Player List if they are not a part of your team all the time but do play with your team occaisionally. You can store these players on the Reserver Player List so when they are on your team you won't have to search the database to add them back to your Player List. You can just move them from the Reserve Player List to the Player List. Reserve players are never submitted to be part of a roster. You will need to move them to the Player List in order to be included in your roster submission.


The 3rd area is the Roster.

In the new system you will submit a roster for each tournament that your team is registered to play in. The roster is submitted from eligible players in your Player List. Eligible players are those players that are not submitted on another team's roster for the same weekend as the tournament you are playing. If a player is on another team's roster for the same weekend that player will be highlighted as not eligible and you will see the name of the team they are playing on.
When you submit your roster the system will send an email to the tournament director for their approval and the Roster area will appear with the players listed for the current tournament. The tournament director will lock your roster when it is approved. You may add or remove players from a submitted roster until it is locked. Once it is locked you will need to request any player additions or removals and the system will notify the tournament director of your request. It is at the tournament director's discretion to approve or deny your request once the roster is locked.
Remember you MUST submit your player list to the tournament director for each tournament



Tournaments Hosted in:
Spartanburg, Greenville & Simpsonville
will have CASH TEAM GATE fees.

(Spectators do not pay for individual tickets to attend)

2022 Fees
$160 for 1 Day
$300 for 2 Day
$400 for 3 Day