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2020 Schedule

Entering Tournaments 2020
**Teams do NOT have to have insurance through USA Softball to participate
*Teams must enter tournaments at
*Teams will enter tournaments as either Open/A or B/C (unless listed otherwise)
*Teams will Only play teams entered in the same division.
*With enough teams, each division will also have Gold & Silver Brackets
*Teams that consistently exceed at the B/C level may be required to move up
   in certain instances and will be at the discretion of TDs and discussed
   beforehand with coaches.
*Teams that play in an Open/A division tournament CAN drop back down to B/C




Tournaments Hosted in:
Spartanburg, Greenville & Simpsonville
will have CASH TEAM GATE fees.

(Spectators do not pay for individual tickets to attend)

2020 Fees
1 Day Event - $120 
2 Day Event - $220
3 Day Event - $320


Game Times

Game Times will be posted at this link when they are available or being uploaded. If link is not active then game times are not posted

2020 National Qualifiers

Berths can be passed down

April -25/26 Spartanburg
3 Berths

May 16/17 Columbia
2 Berths

May 22/24 Spartanburg
2 Berths

June 6/7 Spartanburg
5 Berths

June 13/14 Rock Hill
3 Berths

Berths for East Coast Nationals

Winners in all brackets Receive PAID berths to USA East Coast Nationals

March 7 Spartanburg

April 18/19 Spartanburg

April 18/19 Rock Hill

April 25/26 Spartanburg

May 9 Spartanburg

May 16/17 Columbia

June 12/14 Pigeon Forge

2020 USA Softball Team Sanction

All Teams must be sanctioned with USA Softball for 2020

2020 Team Sanction
Team Name
Age Group

All 8u Tournaments
$50 Entry Fee 

 One Day

**unless otherwise noted**